Author: Anjney Panchgavyam India

Herbal detox capsules |Anti-inflammatory Supplement | Detox from Toxins

Panchgavyam Panchgavya Canc-A-way Capsule is an Ayurvedic medicine that will detox your daily toxic intake and Preventive care for tumors and Arbud, will keep you healthy.It is effective in... Read More

Panchgavyam Nasya |Medicine for Migraine |Ghee drops in Nose

Panchgavya Nasya Ghee/Ghrit is an Ayurvedic medicine for Migraine, Medicine for Sinus ,Medicine for Snoring ,Medicine for Good Sleep,Medicine for Viral Infections ,Supplement for Good memory power. Panchgavya Nasya Ghee... Read More

Panchgavya | Ayurvedic Medicinal Supplements | Medicated Ghee

A major source of nutrition is food, but with modernization, some traditional ways are being abandoned. The wealth of working people who change their lifestyles and reducing access to patient... Read More