– Khidmatgar Society gave Haj pilgrims training to go on Haj

fold. Haj pilgrims going for Haj this year were welcomed and given necessary training by Qaumi Khidmatgar Society. The program started with the recitation of Quran Pak. During this, Office Secretary Riyaz Ahmed extended best wishes to the Haj pilgrims. Haj trainer Haji Firoz Khan explained the small precautions and conveniences in a very easy way. Mr. Khan told the pilgrims about the Haj House after leaving the house and then the airport after reaching Makkah to the Makkah airport there and all the rules of Haj. On the other hand, going to the city of Madina, Nabi-e-Karim (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) would visit Roz-e-Anwar, Masjid Navabi and other places there.Told about the virtues of During this, he tied two unstitched white clothes for the Haji and told how to tie them. At the same time, the model of Kaaba Sharif was shown and explained so that Haj pilgrims do not have any problem in completing Haj Arkan by recognizing certain places and symbols. In the end, State President Imran Khan Pathan expressed gratitude. District President Haji Iqbal Khan, Shakir Khan, Ashfaq Ahmed, Avid Khan, Hafiz Rafatullah, Haji Sameer, Laeeq, Parvez Khan, Anwar Khan, Kadir Khan etc were present in the programme.